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General Nutrition Health and Fitness Supplements

Popular Product Suggestions

Ginseng and Astragalus
CanPrev Adrenal-Pro
Adrenal-Pro is specially formulated to support both the adrenal and thyroid glands, increase energy, reduce stress and fatigue and provide an improved sense of well being.
Volume: 120 Veg Caps
Product ID: 0854378001233
Blood Pressure Take Care
This product for men or women, helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels. It modulates multiple important metabolic functions, including ACE and eNOS enzymes in vitro.
Volume: 30 Vegetarian Caps
Product ID: 0727783004017
Organic Whole Leaf Green Tea
Pukka Herbs Organic Whole Leaf Green Tea contains hand picked whole leaves for a smoother flavour. They are organic varieties of Sencha, Oothu and Suoi Gang.
Volume: 20 Bags
Product ID: 5065000523626
Magnesium Glycinate
Orange Naturals
Magnesium is essential for bone, teeth and muscles. It also plays an important role in many body cellular reactions including helping to effectively use carbs, proteins and fats.
Volume: 60 Vegetarian Caps
Product ID: 0886646020134
Aloe Vera Gel Inner Fillet
Lilly of the Desert
Contains aloe polysaccharides to help restore and promote regularity, a healthy digestive system, maintain stomach pH balance and support normal muscle and joint function.
Volume: 946 mL
Product ID: 0026395100323
Yerba Mate Certified Organic
BIJA Exotic Teas
Bija teas are made from the world's finest herbs and spices. To ensure stability of the volatile oils, they're sealed in a special shielded overwrap providing protection of ingredients.
Volume: 20 Bags
Product ID: 0061998039984

About Our General Natural Health Food Supplements

Natural food products and supplements that come directly from gardens, farms or orchards are by far the best choices for optimal nutrients, energy as well as vitality. Although processed food alternatives surely has a convenience factor, perhaps as a longer shelf life, they typically contain unnecessary additives and chemicals that can pose detrimental long term health effects.

Our knowledgeable Brampton store staff strives to assist you by tailoring natural health food product suggestions according to one's delicate lifestyle. At Nutrition Source we acknowledge that everyone is different so we can help by determining the best combination of chemical-free products for each individual's specific needs, with minimal inconvenience.

Our general nutrition product lines range from organic, caffeine-free, herbal teas, energy boosting drinks or shakes, to pampering herbal skin, as well as hair or nail care products. These general nutrition products contain the finest aesthetic ingredients to make you feel your best!

Full In Stock Products

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BrandDescriptionVolumeUPC Code
BIJA Exotic TeasEchinacea Elderberry20 Bags0061998039625
BIJA Exotic TeasCold Stop20 Bags0061998039502
BIJA Exotic TeasOrganic Rooibos Chai20 Bags0061998039786
BIJA Exotic TeasOrganic Pure Peppermint20 Bags0061998038871
BIJA Exotic TeasDeep Defense20 Bags0061998038918
BIJA Exotic TeasYerba Mate20 Bags0061998039984
BIJA Exotic TeasGreen Tea Chai Herbal Blend20 Bags0061998039922
BIJA Exotic TeasOrganic Heart Hawthorn20 Bags0061998039663
BIJA Exotic TeasOrganic Cranberry With Rooibos20 Bags0061998039526
BIJA Exotic TeasSoothing Chamomile20 Bags0061998038864
BIJA Exotic TeasDouble Ginger20 Bags0661998039571
BIJA Exotic TeasSweet Fennel20 Bags0061998038888
Blue SkyNatural Cherry Cane Sugar Soda6x354 mL0042175198502
Blue SkyCreamy Root Beer Cane Sugar Soda6x354 mL0042175198700
CanPrev Adrenal-ProGinseng, Ashwagandha, Schisanadra, Rhodiola, Astragalus120 Veg Caps0854378001233
CanPrev Blood Sugar SupportChromium, Cinnamon, ALA, Gymnema, Fenugreek120 Veg Caps0854378001134
CanPrev D3 & K2Organic Coconut Oil120 Softgels0854378001431
CanPrev D3 DropsMCT Oil Base15 mL0854378001561
CanPrev Eye Pro FormulaLutein, Bilberry, Taurine, Grape Seed Extract, Zinc, Copper60 Veg Caps0854378001547
CanPrev MagnesiumBis-Glycinate 20090 Veg Caps0854378001356
CanPrev Protein-ProGreens & Berries Chocolate Flavoured325 g0854378001622
CanPrev Thyroid-ProIodine, Tyrosine, Selenium, Manganese, Ashwagandha60 Veg Caps0854378001530
Celestial SeasoningsEucalyptus Mint Wellness Tea20 Bags0070734053900
Gensis Today
Mangosteen 100 Liquid
946 mL0183448000822
Gensis Today
Resveratrol Liquid
946 mL0812711011073
Gensis Today
Organic Noni 100 Liquid
946 mL0183448000815
Gensis Today
Goji 100 Liquid
118 mL0183448000839
Gensis Today
Acai 100 Liquid
118 mL0185152000419
Innotech Nutrition
Cardioflex Sugar Free Drink Mix Cran-Blueberry Powder
300 g0181097000033
Innotech Nutrition
Vitamin B 12 Oral Spray Wild Berry Flavored
30 mL0181097000088
Lakewood OrganicPure Fruit Lemonade946 mL0042608630340
Lilly of the DesertAloe Vera Gel Inner Fillet946 mL0026395100323
Nature's Way
100 Capsules0033674151501
Nature's Way
100 Capsules0033674308363
NewChapterBlood Pressure Take Care30 Veg Caps0727783004017
Orange NaturalsD3 Drops Orange Flavoured15 mL0886646020073
Orange NaturalsD3 + K2 Drops Orange Flavoured15 mL0886646020080
Orange NaturalsIodine For Thyroid Gland100 mL0886646000068
Orange NaturalsChromium Naturally Derived90 Tablets0886646010241
Orange NaturalsBeta-Carotene Source of Vitamin A90 Softgels0886646010050
Orange NaturalsVitamin A Derived From Cod Liver Oil90 Softgels0886646010012
Orange NaturalsMagnesium Glycinate60 Veg Caps0886646020134
Orange NaturalsL-Theanine With Magnesium60 Veg Caps0886646020127
Orange NaturalsPS With SerinAid Phosphatidylserine60 Caps0886646010500
Orange NaturalsSelenium Naturally Derived90 Tablets0886646010654
Orange NaturalsZinc Citrate90 Capsules0886646010715
Orange NaturalsC Crystals200 Grams Powder0886646010760
Orange NaturalsOrganic Flax Seed Oil90 Softgels0886646010517
Orange NaturalsAdvanced Bone Health With Vitamin D and K100 Veg Caps0886646020172
Orange NaturalsAdult Multi Advanced Nutritional Support60 Veg Caps0886646020028
Orange NaturalsQuercetin With Bioflavonoids90 Caplets0886646010074
Orange NaturalsND Vanilla Shake500 g0886646040026
PaldoPomegranate Flavour Aloe Beverage1.5 Litres0648436300495
PROAloe Vera Drink1.5 Litres8804201009310
PukkaOrganic Whole Leaf Green Tea20 Bags5065000523626
Renew LifeOil Smart Omega 3-6-9 Cardiovascular Support90 Softgels0631257734440
SalusOrganic Hawthorn Juice200 mL4006309024408
Santa Cruz OrganicMango Lemonade946 mL0036192127843
Traditional MedicinalsOrganic Licorice Root20 Bags0032917101808
Vita CocoCoconut Water12x500 mL0898999011004


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