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Almond Milk
Almond Dream
This delicious and creamy Almond Milk beverage provides an excellent source of antioxidants, vitamins A and E and is fortified with Vitamins B12, D, and Calcium.
Volume: 946 mL
Product ID: 0084253269216
Whole Flaxseed
Bob's Red Mill
This natural raw whole flaxseed, also known as linseed, is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids and are also rich in dietary fibers as well as lignan.
Volume: 680 g
Product ID: 0039978324207
Organic Whole Grain Cereal
Gluten-free cereal derived from whole grains of organically grown brown rice cooked and oven-toasted to a crispy crunch in a cocoa glaze for a rich chocolate flavour.
Volume: 297 g
Product ID: 0041653012071
Organic Quinoa
Quinoa is an excellent food alternative to rice and is gluten-free thus easy to digest. It is high in protein, magnesium and iron combined with a balanced mix of amino acids.
Volume: 200 g
Product ID: 0072934801053
Natural Stevia Extract
This product is made from glycosides extracted from Stevia leaves. The Stevia is untouched by solvents or enzymes. SweetLeaf Stevia is natural, from plant to powder.
Volume: 115 g
Product ID: 0716123124614
Ginseng and Coffee Blend
Organo Gold
This light creamy coffee is enhanced with two powerful ingredients to add extra oomph to your day - pure Ganoderma lucidum and the prized ancient root of Panax ginseng.
Volume: 420 g
Product ID: No UPC Code

Full In Stock Products

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BrandDescriptionVolumeUPC Code
Almond DreamFortified Almond Milk Vanilla Flavour946 mL0084253269216
Almond DreamFortified Almond Milk Original Flavour946 mL0084253269193
ArayumaOrganic Coconut Milk400 mL0806253210414
Arrowhead MillsRice and Shine Whole Grain Hot Cereal680 g0074333754329
Awake ChocolateCaffeinated Chocolate150 g0891325001199
Bali's BestEspresso Candy Made With Sumatra Coffee150 g0819529007311
Bali's BestCoffee Candy All Natural Made With Real Coffee150 g0819529007304
Bali's BestGreen Tea Latte Naturally Flavoured Tea Candy150 g0819529007663
Bali's BestClassic Iced Tea Naturally Flavoured Tea Candy150 g0819529007656
Bell PlantationPB2 With Premium Chocolate184 g0850791002017
Bell PlantationPB2 With Premium Chocolate454 g0850791002376
Bell PlantationPB2 Powdered Peanut Butter454 g0850791002352
BellagioSipping Chocolate Cherry Beverage Mix28 g0027825001968
Bob's Red MillNatural Raw Whole Flaxseed680 g0039978324207
BotanicaCoconut Oil Virgin Pressed Organic and Fair Trade445 mL0822078961003
Canada TrueMaple Tea10 bags0771098009229
Canada TrueMaple Popcorn Containing 100% Pure Maple Syrup100 g0771098004729
Canada True100% Pure Maple Syrup Lollipop20 g0771098005962
CasbahOrganic Quinoa200 g0072934801053
Catelli PastaGluten Free Macaroni340 g0064200160056
Comfort CollectionCaramel Popcorn100 gNo UPC Code
Creme de PiroulineChocolate Hazelnut Cream Filled Wafers92 g0621231901715
Dare BretonCrackers, Gluten Free With Flax135 g0055653688006
Dream BlendsCoconut Almond and Chia Unsweetened Beverage946 mL0084253269278
Dream BlendsOriginal Unsweetened Beverage946 mL0084253269193
Enjoy LifeDouble Chocolate Cookies26 g0853522000504
Enjoy LifeChocolate Chip Cookies28 g0853522000511
Enjoy LifeVanilla Honey Graham Cookies26 g0853522000375
Erewhon Organic Milled CornCorn Flakes Gluten Free No Sugar Added312 g0041653012293
Erewhon Whole Grain CerealOrganic Crispy Brown Rice Gluten Free284 g0041653012033
Erewhon Whole Grain CerealStrawberry Crisp Gluten Free284 g0041653012118
Erewhon Whole Grain CerealCocoa Crispy Brown Rice297 g0041653012071
Four O'ClockTruffle Mint Herbal Tea16 bags0779192402694
Imagine OrganicCreamy Broccoli1 litre0084253241441
Imagine OrganicVegetable Broth1 litre0084253242950
Imagine OrganicCreamy Butternut Squash Soup1 litre0084253242417
Imagine OrganicCreamy Potato Leek Soup1 litre0084253242462
Jakeman'sPure Canadian Maple Syrup100 mL0770451006028
Kaizen Vegan ProteinPlant-Based Protein Chocolate Flavour840 g0621375131870
Kaizen Vegan ProteinPlant-Based Protein Vanilla Bean840 g0621375131825
Kaizen Vegan ProteinPlant-Based Protein Dark Chocolate908 g0621375130279
Let's Do Organic100% Organic Unsweetened Coconut250 g0043182015202
Lumiere de SelHimalayan Salt250 g0875405000081
Manitoba HarvestHemp Pro 70 Plant-Based Protein Powder300 g0697658691362
MaraNathaOrganic Peanut Butter500 g0051651093309
Matcha NinjaOrganic Matcha Tea Powder70 Servings0326160617720
Matcha NinjaPremium Matcha Tea High in Catechins + L-Theanine30 Cups0326160617720
McCormick OrganicGround Saigon Cinnamon Powder42 g0000006674126
Nikki's CookiesMeyer Lemon Shortbread With Almonds23 g0047233005020
Organika Health ProductsStevia Powder50 g0620365011123
Organo GoldGourmet Cafe Latte With Ganoderma Extract420 gNo UPC Code
Organo GoldGourmet Cafe Supreme Ginseng Powder and Coffee Blend420 gNo UPC Code
Organo GoldPremium Gourmet Certified Organic Ganoderma Spores90 CapsNo UPC Code
Organo GoldGourmet Cafe Mocha 100% Certified Ganoderma Extract420 gNo UPC Code
Organo GoldGourmet Hot Chocolate With Certified Ganoderma Extract480 gNo UPC Code
Organo GoldPremium Black Iced Tea500 gNo UPC Code
PacificBaked Beans Organic365 mL0052603094887
Pamela's ProductsChocolate Brownie Mix All Natural100 g0093709310020
R.W. Knudsen FamilyPineapple Coconut Flavoured Fruit Beverage946 mL0074682123234
Rainforest Herbal ProductsWild Ginger Powder-------No UPC Code
Rainforest Herbal ProductsCoffee 100% Certified Organic Fairtrade454 g7754538000034
Rainforest OrganicsCacao Powder250 g7754538000171
Rainforest OrganicsRaw Panela Unprocessed Cane227 g7754538000539
Rainforest Wild Fairly TradedPink Salt From the Andes Mountains227 g7754538000508
Rice DreamFortified Rice Beverage Original946 mL0084253233163
Rice DreamFortified Rice Beverage Chocolate3x240 mL0084253261746
Rice DreamFortified Rice Beverage Vanilla3x240 mL0084253261739
Spectrum NaturalsOrganic Coconut Oil414 mL0022506974692
Spectrum NaturalsBalsamic Vinegar Organic500 mL0022506252752
Spectrum NaturalsCanola Mayonnaise Gluten Free946 mL0078755002945
St. DalfourNatural Acacia Honey28 gNo UPC Code
Starwest BotanicalsOrganic Licorice Root454 g0767963024558
Sue's Gluten FreeChocolate Walnut Brownies120 g0831567008020
Sue's Gluten FreeChocolate Cake115 g0831567008037
Sugar in the RawNatural Turbinado Sugar500 g0044800298014
Sundhed FinePure Himalayan Salt120 g0873778006037
Sundhed FinePure Himalayan Salt250 g0873778006082
SweetleafNatural Stevia Extract115 g0716123124614
The Chia CompanyAustralian Grown Chia Seed500 g9340224000624
The Jetsetter Coffee Co.Rewards Hot Chocolate16 cups0897646000224
Too Good GourmetCinnamon Vanilla Cookies57 g0659422007663
WheatgrassGrow-Your-Own Kit Format or Frozen Blister PacksVariousNo UPC Code
Wholesome SweetnersOrganic Coconut Palm Sugar-------0012511971069
Wholesome SweetnersOrganic Sugar907 g0012511406004
Wholesome SweetnersOrganic Blue Agave Syrup480 mL0012511472313
Xyla Natural Sweetner100% Xylitol GMO Free and Gluten Free454 g0875002000033


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