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Health and Fitness Supplements for Men

Popular Product Suggestions

Cygen Labratories
D-aspartic acid, a nervous system neurotransmitter, functions in hormone production. It stimulates release of pituitary gland luteinizing and growth hormones.
Volume: 120 Capsules
Product ID: 0094922349996
Growth Hormone Activator
Dymatize Nutrition
This neurotransmitter Amino Acid helps body growth hormones secretion and contributes to amino acid transport as well as protein synthesis stimulation.
Volume: 111 g
Product ID: 0705016461103
Prostate Ezee Flow Tea
Bell Lifestyle Products
The formulation includes 12 herbs, including cranberry and chamomile, to help ease the flow of urinary frequency without burning and dribbling effects of an enlarged prostate.
Volume: 120 g
Product ID: 0771733100281
Men's One Daily Multivitamin
Mega Food
This product is made with fresh local foods by a Slo-Food process. They deliver an authentic nourishment which they believe a body recognizes as 100% whole food.
Volume: 90 Tablets
Product ID: 0051494101087
Testosterone Boosting
Unlike other underdosed D-aspartic acid products, this contains 3.12 grams dose per max suggested serving to increase testosterone by 40%, staying within healthy range.
Volume: 386 g
Product ID: 0631656342017
Natural Male Enhancement
Goliath Labs
Contains Maca Extract 4:1, Tribulus Terrestris, Jujube, Horny Goat Weed Extract 20:1, Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa 10:1, Cnidium Monnieri 4:1 and Longjack Extract 100:1.
Volume: 60 Capsules
Product ID: 0689076250290

About Our Men's Health Supplements

Building a healthy base enables men of all ages to function productively, enjoy life and feel their best. Through proper supplementation men can maintain a healthier lifestyle. At Nutrition Source we understand that men’s needs are very different from their counterparts. It can also be difficult at times to eat a well-balanced diet while striving to maintain that healthy lifestyle. We believe in carrying a selection of the best natural supplements that are specially formulated to support men. Our knowledgeable experts can offer helpful and useful tips to aid in prostate or libido health, testosterone therapy, natural energy boosters, disease prevention, as well as longevity in good health in this day and age.

No different than your car, we believe that men’s bodies require a fair amount of preventative maintenance. You truly only get limited chances to maintain your 'ideal' body, if you are one of the lucky ones, hence the effort is well worth it! Come in to our Brampton natural health food store and challenge our friendly staff with your men's health questions. We'll steer you in the finest direction to reach your fullest potential of attaining a stronger more powerful and healthy you, naturally!

Full In Stock Products

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BrandDescriptionVolumeUPC Code
Abundance NaturallyHGH Releaser Select For Men180 Capsules0624785004253
Alba BotanicaVery Emollient Sport SPF 45 Sunscreen Lotion113 g0724742803902
Animal Training PacksPak Training Supplement44 Packs0039442030115
Bell Lifestyle ProductsEroxil Sexual System Support For Men30 Tablets0771733109000
Bell Lifestyle ProductsLiquid Multi-Vitamin, Colloidal Minerals, Amino Acids, Herbs473 mL0771733109253
Bell Lifestyle ProductsProstate Ezee Flow Tea #4A120 g0771733100281
Bell Master Herbalist SeriesLongevity in Good Health Anti-Aging90 Capsules0771733110327
BotanicaMaca Root Adaptogen Enhances Libido For Men60 Capsules0822078957709
BotanicaMaca Root Liquid Tincture50 mL0822078900484
BPI SportsA-HD Ultra Concentrated Testosterone Support28 Capsules0851780002230
CanPrev Prostate ProMaca, Saw Palmetto, Stinging Nettle, Rye Pollen, Pygeum100 Veg Caps0854378001202
Controlled LabsOrange Triad Multi-Vitamin, Joint, Digestion & Immune270 Tablets0895328001408
Crazy NutritionCrazy Test Natural Testosterone Elevator For Men120 Capsules0872214002145
Cygen LabratoriesD-Aspartic Natural Testosterone Elevator120 Capsules0094922349996
Cygen LabratoriesMultipack Daily Multivitamin and Minerals30 Packets0094922166708
DaburAmla Hair Oil For Men200 mL8901207096624
Dymatize NutritionGABA Growth Hormone Activator111 g0705016461103
Dymatize NutritionZ Force Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B-690 Capsules0705016379019
Ecopure ManChamomile, Green Tea and Ginkgo Soap on a Rope200 g0061361922585
Goliath LabsEjaculoid Natural Male Enhancement Supplement60 Capsules0689076250290
HardFast Acting Natural Male Enhancement For Men2 Pills0094922425270
HerberexAll Natural Performance Herbs10 Capsules0705105069203
HerberexAll Natural Performance Herbs2 Capsules0705105069104
Himalaya Herbal Health CareBotanique Amla & Holy Basil Conditioner350 mL0605069200189
Himalaya Herbal Health CareProstaCare for Prostate Support For Men120 Veg Capsules0605069010016
InstinctsPersonal Performance Products Dietary Supplement10 Capsules0689076000178
InstinctsPersonal Performance Products Dietary Supplement2 Capsules0689076000185
Kiss My FaceOlive and Lavender Hand and Face Soap115 g028367833512
Kiss My FacePure Olive Oil Hand and Face Soap115 g028367833512
Light Mountain NaturalColour the Gray Dark Brown Hair Colour and Conditioner113 g0049347003756
Light Mountain NaturalColour the Gray Mahogany Hair Colour and Conditioner198 g0079565005522
Light Mountain NaturalColour the Gray Black Hair Colour and Conditioner198 g0079565005577
Light Mountain NaturalColour the Gray Medium Brown Hair Colour and Conditioner198 g0079565005546
Light Mountain NaturalColour the Gray Mahogany Hair Colour and Conditioner113 g0077014100064
Light Mountain NaturalColour the Gray Black Hair Colour and Conditioner113 g0077014100088
Light Mountain NaturalColour the Gray Medium Brown Hair Colour and Conditioner113 g0077014100057
Martin and PleasanceUrinary Tract Infection Bladder Relief For Men25 mL9324294001286
Mega FoodMen's One Daily Multivitamin and Minerals Supplement90 Tablets0051494101087
Mega FoodMen's One Daily Multivitamin and Minerals Supplement60 Tablets0051494101070
Mega FoodMen's One Daily Multivitamin and Minerals Supplement30 Tablets0051494101063
Mega FoodMen Over 40 One Daily Dietary Supplement90 Tablets0051494102701
MillCreek BotanicalsBiotene H-24 Natural Conditioner With Biotin Phase II250 mL0079526003024
MillCreek BotanicalsBiotene H-24 Natural Shampoo With Biotin Phase I250 mL0079526003017
MuscletechAnotest Advanced Testosterone Boosting Powder386 g0631656342017
MuscletechAnabolic Vitakic Micronutrient Multivitamin Complex150 Caplets063165632067
Nature's GateHerbal Shampoo532 mL0078347011812
Nature's WayHorny Goat Weed For Men60 Capsules0033674310137
Nature's WaySaw Palmetto Berry For Men60 Softgel Capsules0033674305324
NutraphaseLongeveX Maximum Male Enhancement90 Capsules0094922020932
Ombra SPAPlant Based Cleansing Bar Soap For Men100 g0059323011705
ON Optimum NutritionOpti-Men High Potency 75+ Ingredients Dietary Supplement180 Tablets0748927024920
Organika Health ProductsKorean Red Ginseng100 Capsules0620365015206
Organika Health ProductsLiquid Korean Red Ginseng Extract30 mL0620365021405
Organika Health ProductsTribulus TT Liquid100 mL0620365021849
Rainforest Herbal ProductsSeven Roots Herbal Tonic57 g7754538000447
SexGodSexual Stamina Natural Health Product40 Capsules0022099577300
Shen MinAdvanced Men's Formula Vitamin and Mineral Hair Nutrition37 Day Supply0733530230004
SISUOnly One Multi Vitamin and Mineral Supplement90 Tablets7776772010063
Six-T9Natural Male Enhancement Supplement20 Capsules0094922699923
SynergenexTribulus Aphrodisiac For Men90 Capsules0815919000306
Vita MinderVitamin Pocket Pack1 Holder0700522102311


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