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Coconut Milk Beverage
King Island Brand
A delicious dairy-free coconut milk beverage made from brown coconuts with coconut water from young green coconuts. Contains 3 grams of medium chain fatty acids.
Volume: 250 mL
Product ID: 8850813300123
Mango Smoothie Gluten-Free
PTG Protein To Go
If you enjoy the taste of mango for an instant boost of protein after workouts this gluten-free HydroMaxx product serves 28g of protein made with natural flavors for a tropical taste.
Volume: 74 mL
Product ID: 0853881876628
Vegan Organic Nutrition Bar
The Edge Food Energy
Help your body recover immediately following your workout or exercise with this healthy and wholesome organic snack of essential fats, sugars and high-quality vegan protein.
Volume: 65 g
Product ID: 0681147172389
Perfect Shaker Plus BPA-Free
Perfect Shakers
The 700ml capacity Perfect Shaker Plus holds multiple servings of supplements and powder in a fully self contained removable container attached to the bottom of the cup.
Volume: 700ml Capacity
Product ID: 0181493000880
Bakes Potato Chips
Kettle Brand
Alluring aromas of zesty onion, garlic and parsley will greet you when you open a bag. One bite of these baked tangy sour cream and onion chips takes over to satisfy your taste buds.
Volume: 113 g
Product ID: 0084114123169
Gust Quinoa Bran Cereal Mix
Your Fitness Dish
A gluten-free hot cereal meal with benefits such as protein, fibre, omega 3 and iron, from a diverse range of protein sources from sprouted quinoa, chia, amaranth and hemp.
Volume: 210 g
Product ID: 0859100001116

Full In Stock Products

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BrandDescriptionVolumeUPC Code
5-Hour EnergyBerry Flavoured57 mL0719410500016
Accel GelRapid Energy Gel Carbohydrate Protein Formula37 g0605439110643
Annie Chun's Asian CuisineRoasted Korean Seaweed Sesame Savoury with Sesame Oil10 g0765667107102
Back 2 the GardenOrganic Sprouted Quinoa Gluten and Lactose Free341 g0627843159018
Back 2 the GardenOrganic Sprouted Broccoli Seed Powder Gluten Free100 g0627843159049
BarillaGluten-Free Spaghetti Pasta340 g0076808004007
CatelliGluten-Free Fusilli Pasta340 g0064200160025
CatelliGluten-Free Penne Pasta340 g0064200160018
Darling SpudsHand Cooked Potato Chips West Country40 g5060087960371
Darling SpudsHand Cooked Potato Chips Crushed Natural Sea Salt40 g5060087960371
Darling SpudsHand Cooked Potato Chips Sun Ripened Tomato Green Olive40 g5060087960753
Drink ChiaStrawberry Citrus Beverage295 mL0853569003124
Nakd BarBerry Delight Raw Fruit and Nut35 g5060088702604
Nakd BarCocoa Delight Raw Fruit and Nut35 g5060088702543
Nakd BarCocoa Orange Raw Fruit and Nut35 g5060088702567
Nakd BarCashew Cookie Raw Fruit and Nut35 g5060088702581
Enjoy LifeCrunchy Plentil Chips Dill and Sour Cream Flavour23 g0853522000283
Enjoy LifeOven Baked Very Berry Chewy Bar5 x 28 g0853522000436
Enjoy LifeCherry Cobbler Flavour Desert Bar5 x 34 gNo UPC Code
Enjoy LifeS-Mores Choco-Guimo Flavour Desert Bar5 x 34 gNo UPC Code
Enjoy LifeSunbutter Chocolate Flavour Desert Bar5 x 34 gNo UPC Code
Enjoy LifeFruit and Cinnamon Bun Flavour Desert Bar5 x 34 gNo UPC Code
Enjoy LifeBeach Bash Seed and Fruit Mix46 g0853522000672
Glaceau Smart WaterVapour Distilled Water with Minerals Added591 mL0786162650351
Hammer BarEnergy Bar Cashew Coconut Chocolate Chip50 g0602059400529
Honey StingerDark Chocolate Mocha Cherry Pro Nutritional Supplement42 g0073138734017
HoneyBar ProductsNutrition Bar All Natural Nutty Apricot45 g0623612000253
HoneyBar ProductsNutrition Bar All Natural Cranberry Delite45 g0623612000239
HoneyBar ProductsNutrition Bar All Natural Chocolaty Peanut Butter45 g0623612000277
HoneyBar ProductsNutrition Bar All Natural Sweet and Salty45 g0623612000468
HoneyBar ProductsNutrition Bar All Natural Apple and Cinnamon45 g0623612000215
iChocGoGo Organic White Chocolate with Mango40 g4044889001464
iChocGoGo Organic Wild Milk Chocolate40 g4044889001433
Jessica's KitchenAll Natural Pumpkin Seeds with Raisins Crunchy Snack156 g0685865010823
JSK ProProtein Crunch Pumpkin Seeds Snack156 g0685865006819
Kettle BrandBakes Potato Chips Sour Cream and Onion113 g0084114123169
Kind Healthy GrainsOats and Honey Clusters with Toasted Coconut Granola312 g0602652183133
Kind PlusPomegranate Blueberry Pistachio Fruit and Nut Bar40 g0602652170737
Kind PlusDark Chocolate Cherry Cashew Fruit and Nut Bar40 g0602652170713
King Island BrandCoconut Milk Beverage, No Lactose or Gluten, Non-GMO250 mL8850813300123
KobuPure Coconut Water 100% Natural350 mL0180539000075
KronoBarProtein Bar Choco-Pear Gluten-Free60 g0877974000066
KronoBarProtein Bar Coconut Cherry Gluten-Free58 g0877974000028
LunaWhole Nutrition Bar for Women Chocolate Peppermint48 g0722252220516
MadeGoodOrganic Brazil Nut Orange Fruit and Nut Bar36 g0687456111063
Mediterranean SnacksBaked Lentil Chips Cracked Pepper Flavoured128 g0856435001491
Monster EnergyTaurine, Ginseng, B Vitamins, Guarana Beverage473 mL0070847811190
Monster Energy Lo-CarbTaurine, Ginseng, B Vitamins, Guarana Beverage473 mL0070847811251
Nud MiniCacao Energy Crisps Raw Vegan Gluten-Free33 g0627843111535
Nud MiniGreen Energy Crisps Raw Vegan Gluten-Free33 g0627843111528
Oh! NaturalsChocolate Flavoured Banana Chips100 g0856068000120
Oh! NaturalsNatural Flavoured Banana Chips100 g0856068000113
Pamela's ProductsArtisan Flour Blend, Wheat-Free, Gluten-Free, Non-Dairy680 gNo UPC Code
PartySmartBetter Morning After Herbal Supplement1 Capsule0605069005821
Perfect ShakersPerfect Shaker Plus BPA-Free Protein Powder Mixer Cup700 mL Capacity0181493000880
Perfect ShakersPerfect Shaker BPA-Free Protein Powder Mixer Cup800 mL Capacity0181493000101
Popcorn IndianaNatural Popcorn Chipins Hot Buffalo Wing Flavour205 g0843571002239
PranaOrganic Samadhi Tamari Almonds35 g0877693001139
PranaNirvana Sea Salted Almonds35 g0877693001146
PranaExtaze Sea Salted Cashews30 g0877693001115
PranaAnnapurna Almond Goji Cranberry35 g0877693001122
Promax LSEnergy Bar Gluten-Free Lower Sugar43 g0743659125655
PTG Protein To GoSmoothie Strawberry Banana Gluten-Free Lactose-Free74 mL0853881787221
PTG Protein To GoSmoothie Berry Frost Gluten-Free Lactose-Free74 mL0853881003369
PTG Protein To GoSmoothie Tropical Mango Gluten-Free Lactose-Free74 mL0853881876628
Pur GumGum Pomegranate Mint Aspartame-Free Menthe80 g0830028000849
Pur GumGum Wintergreen Aspartame-Free80 g0830028000887
Pur GumGum Wintergreen Aspartame-Free9 Pieces0830028000979
Pur GumGum Pomegranate Mint Aspartame-Free Menthe9 Pieces0830028000924
Pur GumGum Spearmint Aspartame-Free9 Pieces0830028000917
PurestPure Batter Extra Crispy Gluten-Free300 g0185396000053
PurestWhite Artisan Bread Gluten-Free360 g0185396000848
Red BullEnergy Drink4 x 250 mL0180854000200
RiceWorksBrown and White Rice Crisps Salsa Fresca Flavour156 g0060816093238
RiceWorksBrown and White Rice Crisps Seasoned with Sea Salt156 g0060816093214
Rizopia Food ProductsBrown Rice Pasta Shells Gluten-Free454 g0833125001061
Rizopia Food ProductsBrown Rice Pasta Penne Gluten-Free454 g0833125001047
Rizopia Food ProductsBrown Rice Pasta Spirals Gluten-Free454 g0833125001078
ROHO by ThermosWater Bottle 18/8 Stainless Steel BPA Free No Liner700ml Capacity0041205643104
Way Better SnacksTortilla Chips Unbeatable Blues Gluten-Free Non-GMO35 g0855564003086
Way Better SnacksTortilla Chips Sweet Potato Gluten-Free Non-GMO35 g0855564003093
Snapz CrispsPremium Tomato Crunch From Fresh Tomato Slices13 g0896912001804
Snapz CrispsPremium Grilled Zucchini Crunch13 g0896912001811
Snapz CrispsCrunchy Premium Apple Crisps with Cinnamon13 g0896912001439
Steaz Zero Calorie Iced TeazGreen Tea Peach Mango473 mL0856820160024
SweetseedsGolden Flax High Fibre Nutritional Crispy Snack40 g0833142004601
The Edge Food EnergyNutrition Bar Vegan Cranberry Lime65 g0681147172388
The Edge Food EnergyNutrition Bar Vegan Chocolate Coconut65 g0681147172389
The Edge Food EnergyNutrition Bar Vegan Chocolate Almond65 g0681147172387
Three WorksApple Chips Original25 g0665730000111
Three WorksApple Chips Mixed Berry25 g0665730000166
Bakery on MainTrueBar Raspberry Chocolate Almond Flavoured40 g0816459007053
Bakery on MainTrueBar Hazelnut Chocolate Cherry Flavoured40 g0816459007046
VivaniOrganic Dark Chocolate100 g4044889000054
WheneverBarsSnack Bar Oat Blueberry Lemon5 x 40 g0093709600305
Wild Mountain Tea CompanyHoneybush Classic Premium Iced Tea340 mL0851552000013
Your Fitness DishCereal Mix Chocolate Gust Quinoa Bran210 g0859100001116
Zing BarsNutrition Bar Chocolate Peanut Butter50 g0855531002005
Zing BarsNutrition Bar Chocolate Coconut50 g0855531002050


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