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Popular Product Suggestions

Organic Iron Vegan
Botanical whole food iron is easily absorbed without digestive disturbances like other inorganic iron supplements that may produce health concerns such as nausea or constipation.
Volume: 60 Capsules
Product ID: 0822078957419
Garcinia Plus
Organika Health Products
This formula helps a body to metabolize carbohydrates and fats as well as support healthy glucose metabolism by employing the benefits of five specialized ingredients.
Volume: 90 Capsules
Product ID: 0620365014759
B Complex Multivitamin
Mega Food
MegaFood Balanced B Complex whole food multi vitamins suggested dosage is one tablet daily taken anytime throughout the day, even on an empty stomach.
Volume: 60 Tablets
Product ID: 0051494101681
B Stress With Rhodiola
This formula supports overall health during physical or mental stress by supporting adrenal function, liver detoxification, healthy cholesterol levels and hormone balance.
Volume: 120 Veg Capsules
Product ID: 0777672010414
Organic Coconut Water
Coco Libre
Coco Libre is 100% organic coconut water, an all natural sports nutrition beverage, and replenishes electrolytes while helping with exercise performance and recovery.
Volume: 330 mL
Product ID: 0812161010480
Bariatric Support
Twinlab Bariatric Support Joint Dots deliver 10 milligrams of superior, undenatured type II collagen from 40 milligrams of UC-II for superior joint support in a tiny, chewable dot.
Volume: 60 Tablets
Product ID: 0027434037051

About Our Selection of Multi-Vitamins and Minerals

To live life to its fullest our bodies need sufficient wholesome nutrients. It's very important to avoid vitamin and mineral deficiency in order to keep organs and tissues functioning at their best. Sufficient intake of quality vitamins and minerals are essential for optimal health.

Our natural health food store staff understands that it is not always possible to eat a balanced diet. Increasingly, modern diets leave us far short of our daily recommended value of nutritients. It can be especially challenging for those “time-thirsty go-getters”!

We appreciate that many lifestyle choices can also lead to deficiencies, hence the emphasis on vitamin and mineral supplementation. Our specialized wholefood vitamin and mineral supplements are available in various formats from tablets, tasty chewables, fast absorbing liquids, energy boosting powders or subliminal sprays to suit every preference.

Our comprehensive newest product line includes specialized support for Bariatric Surgery Patients providing products that are nutrients dense.

Full In Stock Products

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BrandDescriptionVolumeUPC Code
BotanicaOrganic Iron Vegan and Whole Food60 Caps0822078957419
CanPrev Immuno MultiAdvanced Daily Multivitamin & Multiantioxidant90 Veg Caps0854378001103
CardioflexQ10 Sugar-Free Cran-Blueberry Powder Drink Mix300 g0181097000033
Coco LibreOrganic Coconut Water330 mL0812161010480
Genestra BrandsOrti C Vitamin and Mineral Supplement90 Veg Caps0883196122509
Good 'N NaturalVitamin D3 Bone & Immune Health Dietary Supplement100 Tablets0698138156050
InnoTech NutritionVitamin B 12 Oral Spray Wild Berry Flavored30 mL0181097000088
Mega FoodBalanced B Complex30 Tablets0051494901151
Mega FoodBalanced B Complex60 Tablets0051494901168
Mega FoodBlood Builder Multivitamin and Mineral Supplement30 Tablets0051494101704
Mega FoodBlood Builder Multivitamin and Mineral Supplement60 Tablets0051494101711
Mega FoodBlood Builder Multivitamin and Mineral Supplement90 Tablets0051494101957
Mega FoodCalcium, Magnesium, Potassium Mineral Supplement60 Tablets0051494102312
Mega FoodComplex C Whole Food Antioxidant Supplement60 Tablets0051494901106
Mega FoodMagnesium Whole Food Mineral Dietary Supplement60 Tablets0051494101872
Mega FoodMen's One Daily Vitamin and Mineral60 Tablets0051494901045
Mega FoodMen's One Daily Vitamin and Mineral90 Tablets0051494901052
Mega FoodMen's Over 40 One Daily Multivitamin and Mineral60 Tablets0051494901366
Mega FoodMen's Over 40 One Daily Multivitamin and Mineral90 Tablets0051494901373
Mega FoodMen Over 55 Whole Food Multivitamin and Mineral60 Tablets0051494102732
Mega FoodSkin Nails and Hair Health Product60 Tablets0051494901267
Mega FoodUn-Stress Whole Food Multivitamin60 Tablets0051494101575
Mega FoodUn-Stress Vegetarian Dietary Supplement10 Tablets0051494900130
Mega FoodVitamin D3 Whole Food Dietary Supplement60 Tablets0051494901069
Mega FoodWomen's One Daily Multi Vitamin and Mineral30 Tablets0051494901007
Mega FoodWomen's One Daily Multi Vitamin and Mineral60 Tablets0051494901014
Mega FoodWomen Over 40 One Daily Multi Vitamin and Mineral30 Tablets0051494901328
Mega FoodWomen Over 55 One Daily Multi Vitamin and Mineral60 Tablets0051494102718
Mega FoodZinc Whole Food Mineral Dietary Supplement60 Tablets0051494101889
Natural FactorsVitamin B2 Riboflavin90 Tablets0068958012155
Naturally OrganicsOrganic Vitamin C Acerola Berries Drink Mix15 Sachets0622737513457
Nature's Plus Energy SupplementsHigh Protein Energy Meal Unsweetened Chocolate370 g0097467045903
Nature's Plus Energy SupplementsVegetarian Fruitein Banana Orange Creme Energy Shake635 g0097467045897
Nature's Plus Energy SupplementsVegetarian Fruitein Exotic Red Fruit Energy Shake576 g0097467045880
Nature's Plus Energy SupplementsNatural Orange Flavour Liquid C Antioxidant900 mL0807205102412
Nature's WayZinc Lozenges60 Lozenges0033674305393
NOW Effer-CVegetarian Vitamins and Minerals Lemon Lime Powder30 x 7.5 g0733739006042
NOW Effer-CVegetarian Vitamins and Minerals Orange Powder7.5 g0733739006134
NU DefenseImmune Support Orange Flavoured9.3 g0062527056533
NU DefenseImmune Support Acai Berry Flavoured9.3 g0062527056571
NU DefenseImmune Support Tropical Flavoured9.3 g0062527056557
NutriMizeHigh Absorption Vitamin D3 Lemon Flavor30 mL0181097000149
Organika Health Products
Conjugated Linoleic Acid
120 Capsules0620365012663
Organika Health Products
90 Capsules0620365014889
Organika Health Products
Garcinia Plus
90 Capsules0620365014759
Organika Health Products
90 Veggie Caps0620365014933
Organika Health ProductsB1 Thiamine HCL Vitamin90 Caps0620365027001
Organika Health ProductsB2 Riboflavin Vitamin90 Caps0620365027032
Organika Health ProductsB3 Niacinamide Vitamin90 Caps0620365027100
Organika Health ProductsB5 Pantothenic Acid Vitamin90 Caps0620365027285
Organika Health ProductsB6 Vitamin90 Caps0620365027124
Organika Health ProductsNon-Flush Niacin90 Caps0620365027070
Organika Health ProductsVitamin B Complex120 Tablets0620365027223
Organika Health ProductsOranged Flavored Chewable Vitamin C90 Caps0620365025106
Organika Health ProductsChelated Zinc100 Tablets0623065026653
Organika Health ProductsHVP Chelate Selenium90 Tablets0620365026684
Organika Health ProductsCopper HVP Chelate60 Tablets0620365016470
SilkFortified Dark Almond Beverage236 mL0025293001855
SISUB Stress With Rhodiola120 Veg Caps0777672010414
SISUVitamin E Supplement120 Softgels0777672010988
SISU To GoEster-C Energy Boost Drink Mix Lemon-Lime Powder30 Packets0777672050502
SISU To GoEster-C Energy Boost Drink Mix Pomegranate Powder30 Packets0777672050496
So NiceSoy Beverage For Coffee500 mL0626027087758
TwinlabSuper B Complex Cherry Flavor Dietary Supplement240 mL0027434036719
TwinlabBariatric Support Joint Dots Tropical Fruit Flavor60 Tablets0027434037051
TwinlabChewable Iron Blackberry Flavor60 Tablets0027434037082
Ultimate NutritionZMA Vitamin and Mineral Supplement90 Caps0099071003409


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