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When Food Isn't Enough

Weight Management Health Supplements

Popular Product Suggestions

Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite
Powerful weight loss with a supercharged thermogentic driver (caffeine anhydrous) in combination with other sensory enhancing weight management ingredients.
Volume: 110 Capsule
Product ID: 0631656321357
Pure Green Coffee Bean
Genesis Today
This is a special blend standardized with over 45% chlorogenic acids (CGA) and over 50% total polyphenols to help support healthy weight management.
Volume: 60 Veg Capsules
Product ID: 0812711012995
African Mango
The African Mango is a mango-like fruit that comes from the Irvingia Gabonensis tree of West Africa and has a natural ability to act as very strong appetite suppressant.
Volume: 60 Capsules
Product ID: 0094922694317
Carnibolic L-Caritine Powder
This scientifically designed matrix maximizes utilization of fatty acids as an energy source to reduce your body's tendency to store fat and improve muscular definition.
Volume: 150 g
Product ID: 0713757648424
Atlantic Kelp
Kelp is an edible seaweed of the brown algae family (Phaeophyceae) that is extremely rich in all of the B vitamins for balanced healthy living and wellness.
Volume: 90 Capsules
Product ID: 0620365018801
Fast Cleanse 48 Hour Detox
Quick Trim
Quick Trim 48 Hour Detox supplies 5 grams of dietary fibre in each serving combined with a complete herbal complex that is designed to flush out and detoxify your body.
Volume: 946 mL
Product ID: 0062527073103

About Our Weight Management Health Food Supplements

If exercise, fitness programs, or eating healthy food was easy, then everyone would do it, right? Whether you are looking for skillful assistance with attaining or maintaining an ideal weight Nutrition Source can help. Our qualified staff will guide you through result-oriented solutions to reach both your short and long term goals. Our friendly staff can assist in areas of making meaningful lifestyle adjustments with methods of weight loss, gain or maintenance, along with rapid quick-start strategies to encourage long term weight management success. Our specialized knowledge of meal or supplement plans as well as personalized fitness programs will satisfy your every need. Our motto is to be inspired and motivated to not give up on your ultimate goal.

Our selection of in-store weight management products caters to all including: children, adults as well as elderly people. We offer new consumer products as well as a deep rooted regimen that has been proven for centuries. Visit our Brampton natural health food store today to find the perfect solution to becoming that person you have always wanted to be!

Full In Stock Products

Select GTIN13 UPC Code Number to View Product Image
BrandDescriptionVolumeUPC Code
Hydroxycut Advanced
Lose Weight Fast by Increasing Energy Burn
72 Caplets0631656320800
Hydroxycut Hardcore X
Lose Weight and Get Ripped With Hydroxycut Hardcore X Liquid
120 Capsules0631656320855
Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite
Powerful Weight Loss With Thermogentic Properties
110 Capsules0631656321357
Nutrabolics Science
Geranium 25
60 Capsules0736211297990
SD Pharmaceuticals
Geranium 20
60 Capsules0738435248963
Nature's Way
Norwegian Kelp (Ascophyllum Nodosum)
100 Capsules0033674145005
Organika Health Products
Thyodine Liquid
30 mL0620365021719
Mega Food
Thyroid Strength
30 Tablets0051494200278
CLK Weight Loss Formula Raspberry Flavour
60 Softgels0632964313737
Crazy Nutrition
L-Carnitine Long-Chain Fatty Acids
120 Capsules0872214002190
Fibre 35 Diet
Fit Smart Weight Management Formula
609 g0631257560681
Fusion Body Building
Bodybuilding SUB-Q Sport Performance
120 Caplets0836722005173
Genesis Today
Pure Green Coffee Bean With Svetol
60 Veg Cap0812711012995
Healthy Natural Systems
Raspberry Thin Natural Weight Management
60 Caplets0062527073400
Healthy Natural Systems
Green Coffee Bean Extract
60 Caplets0062527074506
Healthy Natural Systems
African Mango (Increases Metabolism)
60 Tablets0062527074520
Healthy Natural Systems
White Kidney Bean Extract
60 Caplets0062527074537
Weight Loss Kit - Green Tea Extract, Tonalin CLA
L-Carnitine Non-Essential Amino Acid
120 Capsules0068510412409
Green Tea Extract With Acai Extract
90 Capsules0178835019617
Green Coffee Bean 100% Pure Extract
60 Capsules0700956608052
Green Coffee Bean 100% Pure Extract
120 Capsules0700956608052
White Kidney Bean Extract
90 Capsules0065914104114
African Mango Increases Leptin Sensitivity to Stop Hunger
60 Capsules0094922694317
Raspberry Ketone Can Help Metabolism Efficiency
60 Capsules0000000002158
Raspberry Ketone Helps Increase Metabolism Efficiency
120 Capsules0047800741238
Green Tea Natural Fat Burning Health Supplement
30 Caplets0018515311719
Naturally Organics Nova Scotia
Green Tea Extract Antioxidant and Weight Management
90 Tablets0622737513129
Nutra Centials
Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract With Fat Burning Properties
60 Veg Caps0699856416730
Carnibolic L-Caritine Matrix Blue Raspberry Powder
150 g0713757648325
Carnibolic L-Caritine Matrix Fruit Punch Powder
150 g0713757648424
Carnibolic L-Caritine Matrix Watermelon Powder
150 g0713757452410
Carnibolic L-Caritine Matrix Orange Powder
150 g0696859083228
Ocean's Pure
Kelp Liquid
500 mLNo UPC Code
Organika Health Products
Green Tea Extract for Anitoxidents
120 Capsules0620365018665
Organika Health Products
Atlantic Kelp
90 Capsules0620365018801
PhD Fat Loss Range
L-Carnitine Advanced Fat Transporter
130 Capsules0853525001126
Six Pack 2 24 Hour Fat Burning Program For Men
Six Pack 2 24 Hour Fat Burning Program For Women
Purely Organic
Green Coffee Bean Extract
90 Veg Caps0628823100600
Purely Organic
Red Raspberry Ketones
90 Veg Caps0628823100709
Purely Organic
African Mango Superfruit
60 Veg Caps0628823100501
Purely Organic
White Kidney Bean Extract
120 Veg Caps0628823100808
Quick Trim
Fast Cleanse 48 Hour Super Diet Detox Liquid
946 mL0062527073103
Ripped Freak
Diuretic Hybrid Fat Burner
48 Capsules0855504001783
60 Capsules0815919000313
Top Secret Nutrition
Extreme Jitter Free Fat Burner
90 Veg Caps0858311002837
Top Secret Nutrition
L-Carnitine Plus Green Coffee Extract
60 Capsules0858311002752
Top Secret Nutrition
L-Carnitine Plus Raspberry Ketones Liquid
60 Capsules0858311002479
Top Secret Nutrition
Fat Burner Jitter Free Fat Burning
120 Capsules0858311002295


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